things that piss me off 1 (TTPMO)

This scenario:

two people approach each other

me: hi

person: hiiiiii


*lean back*

person: you’re good right? <—what is that

it’s like code for ‘ i don’t even wanna hear if something is wrong girrrrll, and even though we’ve been socialised to say “i’m fine” even if we’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown i cannot take the risk that you may be the one person having an honest answer day, so lemme go ahead and supply the answer for you: you’re good

better you don’t say anything. just hug and start telling me how your day is going or leave quickly, but don’t hit me with ‘you’re good right’

i find it particularly prevalent at artsy fartsy events- calabash and market on the lawn

and anywhere that upwardly mobile young people congregate- most things involving digicel and the word ‘tweet up’

the next person that says it to me is gonna get a no, no, i’m not good. and see what happens to their face


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