what’s cooler than being cool?

brrrr, it's cold in here, there must be some eediats in the atmosphere

Ice Cold!

I understand that we want to ink our whole body

but please Jesus

let it be good ink.

can anyone please explain what is the significance of an ice cream cone on your face?

and if it’s not enough…the word “brrr” tattooed inside the cone (missed that did you? it’s right in the top coney part that gets soggy first, go on, squint and look at it).  The fact that it was an ice cream cone didn’t imply that it was cold? At this point with some of these rappers I think if they need to jot something down and can’t find a post-it they’ll just put it on a cheek or something.

oh…..why is red lightning striking the ice cream? or are those ice cream flames.

i give up….

but i’ll be back


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