dear miguel-derulo-jeremih-valentino

We get it, you’re ‘fly’
But some day soon could we have somebody come out here and just sing?
I’m tired of you trying to distract me with your spinny dance moves and vuitton trench coats and near knee high boots
I’m over your razor sharp line up and every evolving facial hair swagger
And I’m right on the verge of being done with your spike covered leather jackets and graphic tees
Any day now
Just sing something
Maybe it’ll be a little off pitch
Maybe they’ll be tempted to auto tune it (fight the urge)
Maybe while you’re doing the vocal lessons your beard may grow out and you’ll go two days between trips to your personal ….beautician
But we’ll take a little new growth
For the sake of some real singing
Now can you do that for us?
Sans the gaga glasses?
We’ll be waiting


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