behold i give you….lil p-nut nukkas


somewhere in a land not so far away they are reincarnating people before they are dead

because if this ain’t the second comin’ of Master P,  me nuh name weh me name

points of informatio

1) heeeeyyy miz ellen

2)y’all out there know i been rappin since i was four nah

-see now, they think he got here over night. lil’ p-nut done put in work chile!

3) him and ellen commiserating over shared mama drama

4) his love for cougars

5) did he just scratch an imaginary beard?

6) is he or is he nor the most mannersable chile EVER

7)diversity in fans chile, they be 3, 4 and 5 year old like him gurrrll

help us all

this child is a pusher

he be puttin work after pre-school

lawd save us

save usssss

di man say him want a girl weh get good grades. yes. independent ladies started out as bright babies!


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