Jesus made me skinny…no seriously

yes, get fit with Jesus child, you read right.

listen to me now, Team Beach Body aka the creators of p90X and INSANITY done did it this time.

Introducing Body Gospel chilleeeeee

workouts set to gospel music. amen chile amen

when i think about it, I imagine it would be those interpretive  moves you see at every church convention

you know the ones

*someone asked a question, why do we sing*

where they pull their arms in to the side, bend over and shuffle backwards quickly

*When we lift our voice to Jesus, what do we really mean*

raise the roof from side to side while doing a dinky mini dip

*someone may be wondering, when we sing our song*

then fall to the floor! mmmhmmm

#noshade i would check it out. why not. it’s like praying with your whole body, and with these people around gurl sometimes i need me a little Jesus with my morning workout.

plus that was leg, abs, arms and butt work right there

go team beach body

when you make the workout with only transsexual instructors set only to music by beyonce you would have certainly cornered the market. and snap!


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