beyonce aka gaza creole

i will eschew the usual Nadinola Beauty Cream ad (though I never get tired of it) in favour of this:

this foolywang right here is most certainly the fault of all you people who keep telling beyonce she needs to be lighter


you may have been referring to her bootylicios cajun fried thighs

but this is what you get when you are vague about some stuff.

I have been monitoring this particular situation for some time and it was around the time of ring the alarm that I realised she looked a little bit like a pale shakira…this bothered me because at the time of musical birth it was clearly understood that shakira was the lighter one

but i digress

seems the pills have finally taken hold and rihonce is happily moving away from miss dandridge and on to miss monroe

now i put it to you

when even the ms royal golden brown feels the need to bleach, doesn’t that say something? usually we just photoshop those pesky pigments away but apparently the rule still holds

if you’re black stay back

if you’re brown stick around

and if you’re white you’re alright

well gurl, you’s allllright and dynomiite

just not to me

‘cus i have sense

if we are forever bending ourselves to somebody else’s notion of beauty, when will we ever begin to find the beauty in ourselves




One Reply to “beyonce aka gaza creole”

  1. Naw girl. Lighting has a lot to do with it and if you stay out of the sun a lot, your skin also tends to get paler. At least that is what I am going to tell myself. Don’t want to believe anything else.

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