emergency bra doubles as gas mask, no i’m not joking



in a clear bid to put an end to the victoria’s secret runway show Dr. Elena Bodnar has invented the emergency bra which transforms into two <–yes you can save you AND your boo…protective masks

Bodnar made headlines last year when she won an Ig Nobel award for her invention, which she says was inspired by the devastating effects Chernobyl’s 1986 nuclear disaster had on Ukrainians. The bra separates and can be used as two masks which filter out particles that were found to be as harmful as radiation in Chernobyl. This year, Bodnar’s Emergency Bra is hitting e-shelves and can be purchased in a sexy red for just $29.99.

A few questions come to mind

why is she creating something in 2010
to combat something that happened in 1986
i know we must learn from our past
but really?
i suppose it will sell well in places with bird flu and sars
and thank yu jesus
it comes in sexy red
i’d hate to have ugly protective wear on my titties
has she researched the effects of having whatever filters strapped to your body for 8 hours a day
‘cus i’m thinking in 2034someone could win an Ig Nobel prize for creating a panty that combats the effect of the bra
and doubles as a sling shot that we can use to hunt wooly mammoths in the new ice age

and in the event that something really does go down…do i want to be setting the girls free as i scramble outta the bra, exposing all the rest of my body to whatever is floating around in the air?

the convertible clutch I get

the bra…not so much

but then again….i ain’t invented much but excuses lately so I will just shut my face.

in my mind, the next evolution of the protective bra is one with pistols in the padding, since i’m more likely to encounter robbers than chemical warfare i think that may be a bit more prudent.

that’s all i’m saying.

and so
the reign of terror continues

check the full story here


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