humility haters

so i am watching history channel and they are doing a series on the seven deadly sins. This particular show is about the sin of pride or hubris <–incidentally this is the only one of the series I ever manage to catch, I’m thinkin’ God is tryna tell me somethin’ Shug Avery style


so they’re talkin about the Amish people and how they’ve adopted their lifestyle as a means of fighting the sin of pride…simple clothing, simple life, no fancy equipment because having them will only make you want more. Here comes this …i dunno professor or something, explaining to us that in this case, the need to be humble may become in itself, prideful. it’s a race to the bottom. they may begin to compete with each other to see who can lead the simplest life.

the following transpired between myself and lloydie.***

lloyd- yesssss, can imagine them a compete fi see who need fi least, like ‘look pon her, bout she over deh a use machinery, watch har’

carla- yes, not even plough me use. me just tek me hand and craab up di earth.

lloyd- yes, and all she bout she have oven, me mek my tings rise inna di sun.

carla- yaaasss, not even mule me have me mek me pickney dem pull di wagon. bout dem humble. none a dem nuh humble like me

lloyd- an a bear tent me wear, not even dress

carla- and it mek outta grass, or crocus bag. gwaan yah

lloyd- jus full a pride. shame

it’s a crying shame what we do with our time

*** some of these details may havechanged over night because i may have invented things i wish we had said or forgot things we actually did. so this is a loose transcription

for the professor’s take on the matter check the sound bite at minute 07:53 on the link.

also listen out for Americans explaining to us why their braggart, blow hard ways are ‘good pride’

and check the bratt pitt angelina jolie screen shot, guess we know who’s on team jen

it’s a crying shame what we do with our time

you can tek een di actual documentary here, well part 1 anyways. some nice bandoolooist has uploaded it in three parts

it’s a good watch.


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