tyra vs rihanna ***

so, apparently, last season tyra was throwing major shade at BeyRiRi

the quote may have read something like this

Tyra (in reference to Rihanna, the contestant that was voted off on the previous episode)

and like another Rihanna, our Rihanna proved to be one note.


like a forest at dusk honey


lloyd and I went off

Carla: Rihanna haffi go put on the flannel panty and go dung deh to har

Lloyd: *pats crotch grammy performance style* wah!?

Carla: *doing the rihanna retarded bogle, finger pointing gun man style* you don’t wanna go dungtung wid a girl like me

Lloyd: Rampapapam and all dese tings

Tyra…shame on you. you know that girl got bronchitis, all the days of her life

*** it was later found that this entire post was null and void because she actually said ‘unlike’

but it was still funny




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