for all the facebook stalkers out there


how do i put this nicely

stop devoting hours of your day ruminating on the fact that such and such just commented on some photo of yours that’s two years old.

i know, i know. i do it too.

especially in the vicinity of a break up or near romantic scrape, yes it’s very tempting to sigh at the screen and imagine they’ve been scouring your pictures fantasizing about the first day they met your or feeding their obsession with your hairline or something

but they aren’t



facebook will vomit up your picture at least three times a week in any given home page. and most likely, these will be old pictures. if there are pictures of you and the person, facebook will offer those up as a part of their constant bid to customise your browsing experience <– if they wanted to customise it they would stop changing they damn interface everytime i had customised my mind to it

but i digress.

so, the moral of the story is…facebook circa early 2010…someone comments on and old pic…yes they have been e-stalking you

facebook circa 2011 someone comments on an old pic…you showed up on their home page

get it? got it? good.


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