things that piss me off

this conversation

me: ok, so what’s gonna be the charge for *insert action here * (picking up those cabinets, mowing the lawn, carrying me to the bank)

person: yu nuh know how it go, jus gimme a money man

me: (slightly peeved) i don’t know how much that is

person:  just mek yu conscience guide yu and leff a ting wid me man


what i’m actually thinking is

wah di b*mb* r*ss wrong wid yu? yu nuh know wah u work worth? eeh? yu woulda rather waste all a yu time a come wid different versions of di same sentence dan jus commit to a price? and den when me tell u a price u a go skin up yu face and say ‘no deal wid me so mummy,yu cyaan do not better?”


me cyaan do no r*ss better. i gave you the option to name your own price and you didn’t

so you don’t know what you want, just what you don’t want

dumb ass

kiss me teeth


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