beyonce in blackface and the foolywang goes on

beyonce backlash for blackface photos

first of all i don’t know what is the new obsession with black face

i understand that in the race to be different we’ve started wearing raw meat and allowing our 11 year olds to dress like mental patients

but honestly… you people even know the history of black face?

let me wikipedia that for you

In both the United States and Britain, blackface was most commonly used in the minstrel performance tradition, but it predates that tradition, and it survived long past the heyday of the minstrel show. White blackface performers in the past used burnt cork and later greasepaint or shoe polish to blacken their skin and exaggerate their lips, often wearing woolly wigs, gloves, tailcoats, or ragged clothes to complete the transformation. Later, black artists also performed in blackface.Stereotypes embodied in the stock characters of blackface minstrels not only played a significant role in cementing and proliferating racist images, attitudes and perceptions worldwide, but also in popularizing black culture.[citation needed] In some quarters, the caricatures that were the legacy of blackface persist to the present day and are a cause of ongoing controversy. One view is that blackface is a form of cross-dressing.[6]

it’s not a good thing. in fact it’s illegal in the US. come on people, can we please have some respect for the pain of the past and not try to make everything avant garde?

The clincher of the article for me however, was this,

Beyonce will no doubt maintain a diplomatic stance on the photoshoot. But, for once — for once! — it would be refreshing to hear her speak her mind and have a stance on something beyond her music.


Bravo you writer you. It’s ironic she should be the one to commit such a blunder. To be the one to take something meaningful and try to turn it into an accessory, because like the fashion industry Beyonce seems to be built on appearances. she is one big product.

Now, i am not disputing that she can sing, her live shows are something to behold and she is a marketing force to be reckoned with. But what does Beyonce stand for, as a person, or an artist, aside from her bottom line?

She panders to gay men even going so far as to create a drag queen-esque alter ego for herself, employing them to choreograph for her and using them as back up dancers

but has she ever come out in support of one single gay rights issue?


she is the reigning queen of the negroes. She is practically untouchable in the land of African Americans

but has she come out in support of any organisation that seeks to uplift them in any real way?


she’s one endorsement after the other

one cleverly crafted interview after another

Have you ever heard her say something that didn’t sound like it have been put through the PC ringer and cross checked a million times? or take a picture that didn’t look like a publicity shot?

when has beyonce ever appeared to be a real person?

if you’re in a position of power, and you have the ability to do something with it….do something with it. don’t just make money endlessly. don’t just lend your voice to the pretty little ditties about uplifting women. fight for something.

hug a poor toothless child

go to the ghettoes and bring the cameras with you

use your fame in some real way to address injustices

do you think if she said she gave a damn about something 25% of African Americans wouldn’t give a damn too?

just be a person

i like my artists, to be people.

if i were a gay man, i would have boycotted her ass ages ago. using them for album sales and then acting like they don’t exist

so trifling

i’d like to hear her handle this

i’m sure at the end she’ll get yet another wholesome endorsement outtta it

probably for black opal cosmetics

but perhaps,….she may choose to be human on this one

we’ll see


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