things i enjoy

the way jamaican people just turn around and start adding to your conversation whether they’re invited or not

it goes like this

me: well how buju coulda expect fi get off and him lawyer cyaan even pronounce him name? who is buuujuuuu

bank teller: don’t?! hahahahhaah

unrelated woman beside us: *chuckles*

me: it don’t auger well fi yu if him nuh know yu all now

bank teller: a true , it nuh look good fi him

unrelated woman: yes, all now him cyaan say di name. poor buju eeh.Β  *turns away from her business to face us* it sad man. me nuh stop listen how di man a say di name wrong bout buuujuuu


note…unrelated woman

but in Jamaica, it’s all related

and dats why. black and yellow wid a tups a gold til i die!


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