things that piss me off

When people (who don’t have a speech impediment and aren’t mute), instead of saying what they want you to do insist on making some hand motion and when you look confused then ask them what that means just make the same motion more forcefully as though the aggression will make it easier to understand
Case in point the security guard at the bank who, when I drive up to the drive through entry points downwards and starts spinning his finger around.
Now…what does that mean sir? That I should turn back because the drive through is closed <— because I have had the same movement supposedly mean that. Or that I should come around the barrier in the road…which I don't actually need to do because I can pass on this side?
And then when I ask what you're saying you're going to ask if I don't come from Jamaica?
Jamaica has a national finger movement for coming around? Did I miss that? I know clap clap means stop but did I skip yardie class that day
And at least the clappers bawl out oye
You're standing in silence


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