thinkers vs BBM forwarders

i would like to know if the gene that makes you think logically and the gene that make you send stupid ass forwards are the same

is one recessive?

are they carried at the exact location? can one exist along with the other?

it seems like a no to me and here’s why

i have been receiving these forwards re: the baby girl that needs to heart transplant, since last night. The message, like so many before claim there is someone helpless (the baby girl) who needs a savior (you) and if you don’t respond bad karma will follow you (that’s a subtle threat in case you weren’t paying attention).

now, i’ve ended at least five chats with this forward, unlike others i don’t delete people for broadcast messaging, but i will regard their windows with the eternal side eye of death every time they pop up.

but i digress…a few things are confusing to me.

now, if a phone company committed to give money for every message sent…wouldn’t the original sender of this message, the weeping parent for example, want to tell the world which wonderful phone company was helping their baby? but yet, the forward only says ‘phone company’ i guess when you’re done forwarding this you can take yourself to restaurant to celebrate.

i then thought to myself…well if all phone companies are separate…how then would they be able to track messages sent on other networks? I am highly doubtful that Digicel would fork over money for messages that spread across the lime timeline, that would seem like poor business practice unless you stated specifically that in going above and beyond the call of duty you will erase telecommunications borders and just give freely!

but then, the message doesn’t say that it says phone company.

the baby has no name

the phone company has no name

would you walk into a police station and say a person robbed me somewhere in the world, offer no further details, and expect justice?

probably not

so i decided to collar one of the forwarders and ask them myself. nothing combative, just a simple “which phone company?”

thinking that would prompt them to thought.

the response:  “i don’t know i just don’t want the bad karma or any other thing that might happen”

ahh the joys of subtle threats, it spurred her to action.

now here is my bottom line on the incessant forwarding…it could be avoided using these simple techniques:

1) in the event that promises something will pop up on your screen or automatically update if you forward something….simply ask the person who sent it to you if it worked.

2) in the event that it promises to help someone because money is going to be deposited everytime a message is sent…ask yourself, how can they track these messages? and even if they could, could someone not exploit that tracking method to send something harmful along with it? thanks for infecting me, signed, everyone on your contact list.

as i said,. i will not delete broadcast messagers…but, if you can, think nuh

you may not be having bad karma, but you’re having a helluva a lot of pissed of friends, and a dwindling friends list at that


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