you know youre jamaican when

You find yourself openly scorning something. Actually wrinkling up your face and pulling away
This is especially significant if the thing in question is a person
Most other nations would endure for example the unwashed person, choosing to engage with them from a comfortable distance, but not making it obvious that something was wrong.
Not a Jamaican
The Jamaican will speak to you, but their hand will be over their nose and mouth when they do. And their responses will mostly be ‘mmhmmm’ because they are afraid to open their mouths and let the dirtiness in.
When the person leaves the Jamaican will widen their eyes, turn away, take a deep breath and make it absolutely clear to anyone in the vicinity that they did not approve of the person’s condition and no, that smell was not coming from them (the Jamaican)

In fact
Most of our behaviour could be safely categorised under almshouse


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