right now i wotless

i like the way him say

him girl fren goin get vex

dem probably goin sen text

cus a true enuh

people just ever a inform discretely

not even have di decency fi talk it so smaddy an overhear dem a inform

coward dem


dis son soun like when a man inna one party

and him done drink all 14 drinks

and him cyan bodda stop himself anymore

if a roun up batty girl come

him a wine up pon har

and jus go home to di screw face

and address it tomorrow afternoon after him wake up and him head stop feel like it a split inna two


please note…right now he is wotless not wutliss

that is a different ting all together

if him did wutliss him wuddn have ooman fi dem a sen text too


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