things that piss me off

this exchange:

me: ok so how many (insert item here) do we need

person: three will do

me: so you need three?

person: about that

me: (remembering to remain calm but extremely aware that every additional thing i  buy and don’t use will end up costing the company and myself) so do you require <–when that word comes out its all downhill– three or two and a half?

person: (8 times out of 10) well two and a half can do but i figure since you buying you can buy three

me: (remembering that i sat and watched this person work out what they needed them completely disregard the figure in favour of an estimate and also that the half in question may cost about $70,000.00) sigh. i’ll get the two and a half then

person: (as though it was their idea) yeah do dat

me: (i wonder if i can start drinking at 11am…it is friday afterall)


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