is depression a sin?

I’m watching history channel’s seven deadly sin: sloth <–yes the STAN-ing continues
And it seems to me what they call the sin of sloth is now known as clinical depression. The facets of the sin include-
Moral dejection
Tendency to suicide
Prolonged fear
They avoid eating and withdraw from society

Is it me or right now yu can prevent the sin of sloth wid some anti depressants?

Strange eeh
Perception change up everything
Before the introduction it was just depression
Then when christianity was introduced it became demonic
And now…well its just depression again
So…where di christianity gone?
Once again history channel
Damn you!


2 Replies to “is depression a sin?”

  1. I am not sure I agree Sloth is more about being lazy ..etc .. but prob just in terms of some one who just could but decides they can’t .

    1. that’s what i thought it was
      but apparently it extends beyond that
      originally it was tristitia (can’t remember the spelling) acedia and sloth
      which have to do with being lazy but also lackadaisical and despairing and hopelessness

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