cockroach/fowl fight

have you ever been in the middle of some issue between two people and suddenly realised they both know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it? Then it dawns on you that furthermore they both know what the other person is doing and why; and what’s more, though they complain bitterly they both derive some sort of pleasure from being caught in the situation? And added to that, asking your advice is just a part of the game they may or may not know they’re playing? they enjoy listening to you talk about their situation because it gives them the opportunity to discuss the other person or it gives them the opportunity to discuss this thing with which they’re so engaged?

yes that particular epiphany is called the cockroach/fowl fight moment

when you realise you’ve been picked half to death by this incessant back and forth which will only end when they’re both bored with it.

have you ever been one of the people on either side? i think we all have

once a thing sinks it’s claws into use its hard to put it down until we’ve talked it to death sometimes.

but our poor friends, who must pretend to not know the destination of every phone call/IM convo

here’s to the friends we have

and here’s to the friends we are

and here’s to growing some good god damn sense in 2011 and letting sleeping dogs lie and learning when to walk away

here here!


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