diddy does it tomato ketchup style #noshade

i enjoy the fact that the bald head or the semi bald head is having a renaissance of sorts for women

two years ago the baldy would have been a back up dancer

waaaayyy back up

if you know what i mean

she’s giving me amber rose fever for some reason

i also enjoy the fact that diddy has managed to teach two people his, what i assumed was inimitable, dance style

you know you’ve caught yourself at a party trying the p-funk/diddy swing complete with jacket flip and failing miserably


that the kanye west red pleather¬† look ma i’m a tomato craze has finally taken wings and is fly.ing

i believe this video may be ushering in the new era of choreography for women

first there was walkography a la beyonce aka strut strut strut to the beat (thirsty queens bow down)

now it may be standography or poseography

whatever man

we know its hard to move in them heels

get you some

oh in case you were wondering this is me liking the song. and even the video

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