oh, yu have amnesia. dats nice eeh

You know what I enjoy?
People who see you in public and pretend not to know you despite repeatedly visiting your house, having many meals or nights at the bar with you, and aggressively looking your room mate
It would appear the shelf life for remembrance of such engagement is about a year after which you fade into the quagmire of their synapses never to be heard from again. Even when their friend, who used to frequent the house with them, stops and starts chatting with you they give you the awkward mumbled hello with eyes looking everywhere but at you.
There’s a part of me that wants to say gimme back me 10 slice a bread, me litre and a half a pepsi, me 3.35 plate a chinese food, four glass a quench-aid, 7.5 flush a me toilet <—water did gone one time, 2 nap inna me couch, 2 wear offa me slippers, 1 ripe banana, 1 apple and 3 bite offa me whopper weh me did gi yu
Since yu never know me.
But me modda never raise me so
I don't say about it
I blog about it


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