its 6am. why are u sending broadcast messages?

Please can tell me why somebody thinks its appropriate to send a broadcast message at 6am
Yes. 6am
And no, they don’t live in a country with a timezone difference.
Its not 9am when they’re doing this, its 6
This blog is not for me you know, its for all those poor people who have not been completely frustrated by the BB foolywang and just disabled sounds all together
Have you ever stopped to consider the person who’s asleep at 6am and hears their phone go off and wakes up to check it because they think ‘it must be an emergency, no one would message me before 8am if its not an emergency’? Have you stopped to think about their feelings. The panic gripping their hearts. Or pure unadulterated hatred they feel for you when they realise you woke them up at 6 and they lost precious minutes looking at this mess and they can’t fall back to sleep and alarm clock is inching ever closer to when they actually have to get up.
That’s bad juju for you.

Have you ever stopped to consider that anyone receiving a broadcast message much less one at the crack of dawn is more likely to just delete that mess without reading, completely undermining your original intention of advertising whatever the hell you’re advertising?
That’s just bad business

Well consider it now
DO NOT SEND INDISCRIMINATE BROADCAST MESSAGES AT AN HOUR WHEN ONLY NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS, PROSTITUTES (who are busy getting in a last job and not checking BBs) DRUNKS (who have had their BBs stolen) and PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN ONE PARISH AND WORK IN ANOTHER (who are getting dressed and/or on the bus thinking about how much they’d love a place closer to work and not checking BBs) ARE AWAKE


2 Replies to “its 6am. why are u sending broadcast messages?”

  1. …and new moms who, bleary eyed and exhausted, clutch baby in one arm and BB in the other, and think WHAT IF i actually had for one glorious once been asleep and this pointless mess was what woke me tho Lord…

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