dear woman in the bank

Speaking loudly to no one in particular about your displeasure with the service
And kissing your teeth every 3.5 minutes
Its not gonna make the tellers go any faster
If anything they will move more slowly to piss you off, since its the end of the day and they’re cranky too
Declaring loudly that ‘no sah better me go siddung’
Will not help your case either. Now that you’re comfortably ensconced in the chair there’s no reason for them to rush, your resting
All you’re doing is blowing hot air in my neck back and messing up my chi with your bad vibes
Sit down
Shut up
And no
You cannot yell, from across the bank, to the man at the front of the line, who has somehow become your kiss teeth ally, ‘den all now yu cyaan move, my God better me go home and come back monday.
We know you won’t go home and come back monday
You need that money to get your nails did
And believe me, they needs to be did.


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