have you ever met someone

Whose english was so consistently poor that you began to question your own knowledge of the language?
Maybe it is undoubtably?
Perhaps it is spelled rumer?

Have you ever tried the ol’ “repeat what they said in question form using the correct subject verb agreement/spelling and hope they’ll take the cue”
How did that work out fer yah?
Didn’t, did it?
They kept right on
Wrong and strong wid it.
And that’s the moment
The nanosecond when you begin to question yourself, all your years of I before E except after C
You scan your memory
‘Maybe I missed a class’
‘Maybe ‘she do that’ is correct’
*please note the person is not speaking patois or patglish <—patois english mix*

They're so committed, that yours wavers.
Yes, I know the feeling. The failure you feel. The pondering that goes on. I know it.
The only solution is to speak the way yous speak and to allow them to do the same, unless they welcome correction. Otherwise, they're in no mood to change and there's no point busting your brain.
Adios subject verb agreement
Hasta la vista grammar
Its every man for himself out in these wilds.
*cocks gun*
We're hunting wabbits

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