life is my gym

What is it about fitness buffs?
They walk around all day in gym wear
Are they scared an opportunity to work out may present itself and they may be caught without appropriate footwear?
I’m not sure
You think maybe while you’re in mega mart they might need help lifting one of the giant pallets (cus the fork lift machine broke down and the 85 people they have on staff couldn’t handle it) and you couldn’t join the fun AND get your upper body work in ‘cus you didn’t have support for your fallen arches?
Or maybe there would be the opportunity to make a mad dash across the road to save a mewing kitty from a truck but you couldn’t get your super saver plus cardio on because your legs were trapped behind that pesky office skirt?
Why are you wearing trainers and gym clothes in the bank?
Why are you wearing it every time I see you, no matter time or day
And why does no one appear shocked…which implies you’ve been doing this for a while

Housewives…when yoga class ends turn in your nike jazz pants and athletic top with built in back support
Juiceheads…don’t leave the gym in you squat friendly batty rider shorts and teeny tiny tank top
The real world demands real clothes
And no you can’t lift up that VW bug just to get a good pump
Walk on by


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