things that piss me off

clients who get your cell number repeatedly

actually call you on the cell phone

and a week later send you a rude e-mail demanding a cell number because they can’t work on a project where someone is only available via e-mail.

did we initiate the never ending thread of e-mails you seem to know and love?


aren’t you the one who’s treated the client’s cell phone number like mother teresa’s vagina?…never to be seen by man

aren’t you the one who’s called the office repeatedly and received the call number and never thought it important enough to store?

aren’t you the one who receives the e-mails with all our contacts at the bottom and therefore at least had an office number, thus you could have called the office and requested acell number (AGAIN) instead of taking tones?

perhaps you should ask your client for the cell number, she has it, and the good sense to SAVE IT!




2 Replies to “things that piss me off”

  1. Sounds like someone didn’t outline proper time lines and project milestones. i.e. if its a project that has those kinda things, otherwise get a secretary or better yet an intern. interns are good for that kinda stuff.

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