Its bad enough I’m living with this woman’s butt cleavage (a trend I never quite got behind, I believe there should be a 1 mile safe zone around any kind of waste disposal site, nobody needs to live there)
But now I have to be looking at the purple bows from her thong bloowing up towards daylight
What is it?
Is it that having gone through the effort to wear assless underwear so as not to have panty lines and give the impression you’re going commando and turn on the gentlemens
Now you feel bad
You need some marker or decency
Some proof you’re wearing draws
Or is your batty a gift for your beloved
And the exposed bow is so others know somebody else is getting a gift…jus not them
Is this to inspire jealousy?
Me nuh know
Me jus waan know why flowers a bloom outta yu batty
And why yu a inflict it pon me?


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