ahm, nivea, a nuh buff and shine though

Wtf is up with this nivea creme
The greatest lie ever told
The thing is practically a solid
Imagine my surprise when I scoop some up ready to get my lotion on with the stoosh tings weh come from farrin
Only to find the product is so immobile I removed several layers of skin and many hairs (gonna miss you guys) trying to rub it on
What the hell
Was I supposed to put it on and let it thaw?
My skin too sensitive
Is it body lotion and exfoliant in one?
The patch of skin on my arm that is hotting me would like to know
Perhaps because its creme and not cream?
Me nuh know
But if a so it go gimme di cream any day
Blasted solid lotion
Jergens to me ting
Or likkle coco butter


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