beenie man and princess rebel…why me Lord?

please note:

yu a di heartbeat tester mek me tek off mi sweater

inject me fi di better mek it boon (bun) me like a pepper

can tell me why him a use the stethoscope a listen fi di belleyache

her belly a go budum budum

and den when she say woii me heart like a old country woman weh a have gas

me expect her fi start rub her chest and belch and ask fi likkle mint or ginger tea

sas crise

di needle sharp like a macka….tek time nuh?

lissen me

a nuh every collaboration yu fi tek


big ups to her

based on her facial age

her body stan up

gallang caw yu gym money a work fi you


supposed to


this is one travesty. which part a jamaica she come from mek she a talk so?

mus st elizabeth <–no shade but unnu know unnu light skinned-ed over dere


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