dear man in the line at the bank

Its not that I want to pry….but this does not count as tittilating conversation
:you like to cook? Well that’s great because I love to eat. So you can see we’re a good team.

Aka yu licky licky
I grew up with my mother and many sisters so….it takes a lot for me to say somebody is a good cook, maybe because I like good food so, evem my own cooking, I’m my biggest critic.
Aka you are a mama’s boy and the woman will have to jump through 17 flaming hoops of approval before the mother will even consent to calling the girl by her given name as opposed to ‘young lady’

:yes its hard for me to come home and look to say cook, probably because I’m so busy, just work home work.
Aka I will expect you to cook and carry over foods for me as a means of showing you care since while my mother and sisters may have taught me to cook I’m always more comfortable being catered to.

I wish I could break through the convo operator style and tell her to run right now.
Best of luck actually meeting this mother in under 6 months.


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