dear chris brown, busta rhymes jus tek yu song

Jesas crise

a wah busta rhymes have inna him chest?

mercy me god me see di man do a whole verse an all now him nuh inhale. only Jamaican parentage can do that fi yu

him yeye have aright fi bulge!!!!


ok now, to di rest? chris brown decide seh a  him seh lady gag

wid di disco ball pon him face

what is thaaatt!!!!

him a try top rihanna

avant garde to we ting

and why him stop sing? come een like when omarion decide seh him nah use him vocal cords again and jus start life up people gyal pickney inna di video

and weh him a do wid brooklyn pon him cap?

him come from brooklyn?

nuh tappahanock him come from?

but dat nuh look nice pon cap after all

but a busta song dis. chris sing di hook. me know a fi him officially, but not even weezy coulda tek dat weh from him. dats why me cyan stop love busta enuh

never stop


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