diggy bruk amy winehouse god daughter’s heart. what does the rev think about that



apparently when you live in britain you start dating at about age 5and you start dating cads <–look it up

at 7

by 15 or so you’re world weary and just over the sorry lot of losers

and since you started smoking to deal with the pain you have the voice of a 40 year old black woman

so it is with adele, and so it is with dionne bromfield aka the god daughter of the bouffant toothpick amy winehouse herself

she’s dropped this single featuring young master diggy, who apparently broke her heart from the comfort of the simmons mansion…perhaps via skype

lloyd believes she may have seen some stray lip gloss on the bed behind him

i believe he could have played that off easily by saying he was having a case of russy-lip <–you know russy got the white ass lips girl, don’t act like you don’t know. #nohate


anywho…the kids in the hall may not be able to get down with her raspiness and the jazz heads may not be interested in a 15 year old duffy

they already had to deal with a 19 year old adele

but i like her and i like young master simmons too, he’s giving me drake here for some reason.

amy train di chile good for she sound like she know pain and mash up her vocal cords wid years of alcohol.

you go girl

in about 2 years we’ll be willing to believe your pain and then it’s to the moon with ya


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