rebecca black breaks it down sesame street style

once again, Lloyd who spends all his time trolling the interwebs for effery….has brought me this


i almost can’t

so, this child who sounds like if justin bieber and a chipmunk had a baby and the baby had another baby with an auto tune machine

has decided to break down the days of the week for us

(just in case sesame street missed a couple things)

yes,for the whole video she has look on her face as if she’s telling her sistren about this guy she thinks is totally cool *hair flip*

the video looks like a high school class project

as she tackles the existential dilemma#

of which seat should she take

its such a great distress to her, she even has to let out a beyonce style vocal run

taking the note…well not up…but certainly to the side

Lord,i still cant

so let’s get into the lyrics

today is friday, tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes after that

now i know it took a whole table worth of song writers of the neyo cailbre to get this done

please look out for the part weh she say she need her bowl, tea and everything cus the time is cold

this tells us that this song is not for people of the caribbean

and she grow wid har granny

she cyaan leff di house widout har sup a tea

jesus i will not even give you the wheel

have the whole car

and while you’re at it

tell her where to sit

oh by the way

she have a casco flo-rida in there

and flo-rida is already the casco version of himself

this is a problem

maybe because today is sunday <–which i know because it came after saturday and she kindly told me what comes after saturday

i can’t relate

i will revisit on friday and see if i feel any differently

by then the video may have been removed for terms of use violation

most specifically mass murder of brain cells and talent

and so it is


ps…i full expect her to be booking an interview with wendy williams or ellen to discuss how her spoof video went viral and got 3 million  hits overnight

and….many kids will be blasting this on the way to school on friday

‘cus dis coulda never be summn real

and furthermore miss rebecca…is only one spot leff inna di car. ok.



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