dear man who is on the way here

it is not appropriate to call one hour after the meeting should have started to say you are going to be another half hour in getting here

there’s a facility open to you called…POSTPONING

this is especially useful if you are now so late it is after business hours and the person you are meeting has made it clear they have been delaying going on the road waiting on your trifling ass.

i don’t care where you’re coming from. you knew you would be coming from there when you booked the meeting. so don’t explain that you’re in Falmouth with the hopes that it will change anything. Weren’t you in Falmouth this morning when you called and said you’d be here at four?

Haven’t you live in Falmouth for several years now and know how long it takes to get from there to Montego Bay.

and, even if we forgave the first hour you missed

why did the half hour secretly take 50 minutes to elapse. Is this television. where we can live five minutes for a full half hour?

no, it is not. because me nuh come wid sponsorship nor advertising.

if yu see that yu cannot mek it, and people are CLEARLY being inconvenienced, put it off until tomorrow, we promise we won’t call it procrastination

WORSE!!!! when the meeting lasts only 5 minutes.



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