things that piss me off – MONDAY


i mean, really, you just had to run on through and kill the weekend you son of a bitch

and you know what.

Monday…puts a damper on my Sunday

somewhere around 9pm, before i even watch Shameless, a kind of melancholy sets in as i realise that i really should get to bed soon because Monday’s coming tomorrow and it’s more bullsh*t and i’ll need to be rested for it.

dammit man

damn you Monday!

and i won’t even lobby for the week to start on Tuesday because then we’d have to hang a black pall of death over it and hand it over to the dark side along with Monday, and really, how many days can we sacrifice.

no. i will not

i will do the following:

condition my mind to accept that the work week is inevitable and is some kind of blessing since we have to pay the bills if we do not want to live in the toyota corolla. monday is necessary to get the week moving so the weekend can come around again

lobby for the week to end on Thursday. Mentally i am done with the week from about Wednesday evening anyways and i coast through friday, but i could do without the 4.5 seconds of guilt as i realise the only productive thing i’ve done all Friday is post videos to my facebook.

so…if the week would end on Thursday it would spare me the bad feelings and also Monday would be more appealing if the weekend were closer, bringing more joy to more people and adding to positive karma and chi and whatever else in the Universe

so really its for the good of man kind

let’s get this poppin before 2012 and see if we can’t save a few more when the Armageddon comes.




oh and PS

i have no problem with Friday because as Rebacca Black pointed out its fun fun fun fun


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