this…idiot thinks the Japan earthquake was the result of Christian prayer


about half way through this video I had to pause, and truth be told I haven’t watched the rest

i take a moment of silence to hang my head in shame, and in sorrow for all the Christians who will have to live in the shadow of her stupidity and ignorance

i mourn the many people who were thinking of becoming Christians and just gave up because of this dumb ass right here. Now, this young Lady believes that the earthquake in Japan was a direct result of her prayers to God and her request that atheists be brought to their knees and shown that the God of the Bible is King.

She believes that the earthquake was a blessing, it was the Lord shaking them to show them the error of their ways, and as He grows more vengeful he will move across Europe and into the US to cleanse the atheists but, and i quote ‘ Japan was a fantastic place to start’.

Firstly, dumbass, because a person is not a Christian does not automatically make them an atheist. Atheism implies that you don’t believe in a deity, not that the deity didn’t have a son that came to earth who did miracles and was called Jesus.

if you’re going to be a bigot, at least be a bigot with a dictionary.

Secondly…are you kidding me? You actually believe that this catastrophe was some kind of spiritual triumph? I suppose with all that nifty technology and car companies the place was turning into sodom and gomorrah huh?

must have been the mini radios and rip off ipods.

Thirdly, you are  the reason people hate Christians. Did you just bypass the complete loss of life an skip directly to ‘i am so overjoyed, i can hardly contain the joy’?

Those were humans, they may not have all been Christians, and some may have been, but they were humans. What is wrong with you. If there is one thing the Bible teaches its respect for people. Or didn’t you read that part? Did you catch the part where Jesus was chillin with the prostitutes and hanging with the lepers <–who nobody else cared for?

Did you catch the part about freedom of choice, and every person being entitled to it?

So even if we were to go with your ‘We are Christians hooorah’ approach….did you realise that by being Christian it was a part of your job description to accept people as they are?

But no, instead of praying for people to ‘see the light’ or your light…because that’s the only valid light right? you pray for death and destruction?

i ask you this, do you think you’re making the religion more appealing to anyone by acting this way? Would you want to be associated with anyone who felt people should die because they were different? Or maybe they’re not people.

you know, you look familiar to me…you look like someone who a few years ago may have thought it was cool to make black people live in a  shack on a hill side and eat your plate scrapings. they didn’t look like you so clearly they didn’t have the same feelings so what difference does it make. they couldn’t know pain or loss or illness.


This girl sickens me, and whats worse, i fear her congregation may support her in this.

If God is looking for an atheist to shake to death next time, he should perhaps consider you. because you couldn’t possibly believe in a higher power. no person could believe in a higher power and celebrate the death of its creations.

you know what, i take that back. i wish you wisdom.

and it’s not because i’m a Christian, so please don’t go poppin your collar





6 Replies to “this…idiot thinks the Japan earthquake was the result of Christian prayer”

  1. Poor soul….she is like, “…God literally held the country by its shoulders and shook it…”…had Japan gotten a direct hit i’d kinda agree with here but since it was off the coast mi nuh too think suh!…Oh, she’ll be saved when she pray for more signs of the Lord huh?….A nuh Merika she live?…..Does God look at ppl and say “hey, u’re going to hell”?

  2. Technology has given all of us a voice, even the stupid ones.

    Don’t get too angry over the idiotic rantings of trailer trash. In two years she’ll be hooked on meth and will be featured on an episode of Cops.

    1. i am awaiting her youtube upload with the black teeth and thinning hair.
      it’s true, everybody has a right to share their opinion. and i have a right to condemn them as EEDIAT

      1. Some people are saying her video is a prank. If that’s the case, how sad is it for the militant Christian movement that we all assume she’s real?

      2. how sad is it for her that she thought that would be funny
        and that she’s admitting it was a prank, not because of any type of remorse
        but rather because she wants to stop eating pizza
        *never ending side eye of death*

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