Girl who prayed for Japan earthquake- it was all a joke

*heaves a great sigh*

so, apparently the young woman, Pamela, who made the video pretending to be a fundamentalist Christian who was happy about the earthquake in Japan did it as a joke.

She is apparently a regular poster on the Landover Baptist Church site <— a website for a fictional baptist church dedicated to making satirical videos making fun of fundamentalist Christians.

She has since deleted her youtube account because of the backlash and has been, along with her family, receiving much hatred from the general public.
Because she’s tired of pizza and i guess would like to leave the house to pick up something like i dunno subway, or some good god damn sense, she’s released this video here

it’s not necessarily an apology, but rather an admission that it was a joke wherein she says it was all fun <–insert rebecca black fun fun fun fun i’m stoned outta my mind face here

now, i have no problem with people being irreverent, Lord knows i’ve done stuff for the shits and giggles myself, but as a rule, if more than 100 people die, it’s probably something you shouldn’t joke about

i’m just saying

seems like a pretty simple rule to follow.

i think what irks me more about this video, is she really seems to have no remorse. It doesn’t seem she’s realised that it’s really a serious situation in Japan and that perhaps her actions were callous and may have caused mental suffering to people actually dealing with this crisis

rather she’s just admitting it so she can leave home in peace. So, rather than being a  fundamentalist Christian, she’s now a fundamentalist asshole. that should make her feel better.

Some things are not fodder for comedic material. Maybe in 100 years, when most of the babies who may be born with their internal organs on the outside of their bodies and countless other defects because of the radiation from the plant melt down, have grown old and died, maybe then you can whisper a minute giggle to yourself

until then

sit down

and shut the f*ck up


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