this child is killing me softly. singing baby in the baby carseat. him win

lissen me

this is the most awesome child EVER


tek een di way him all a sing out di word dem an a gi we hand motion

yu see him face when him say fix me?

all when him mek di likkle fist and start drop it slow when him say him goin down down down down?

den start look roun crazy cus him cyaan believe



him jus grab him chest fi hug up him baby

uh oh

rappin time

when he was 13 he had his fisrt Lurve

tek een di fast part.


yes. him nuh boda learn da part deh

him jus leff dat and move up him mouth.

me dead

me capsize

rigor mortis start set een

rebecca black need fi give him her production budget and mek him get a proper video


him a raise di roof now


him jus gimme di ‘long gone’ emotional facea di end


*run up an dung*



him win

him win til him stan up a di finish line a eat bun and cheese and a wait pon odda people fi cross di line.

win win win!

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