dear facebook…what’s up with the new posting?

I mean first

you change the facebook  interface every three months.

I’m not fine with it but I live with it because all my friends are there and I can’t be bothered to populate another social media site (though I will if you continue to f*ck with me)

but can you tell me what informs your decisions?

and i’m talking to you here Zuckerberg

Why would you think ‘quickpost’ was necessary?

let me get this straight

you thought in a medium as potentially explosive as facebook it would be wise to make it easier for something to get ACCIDENTALLY posted?

so now, as i’m typing, once i press the enter button, that’s it, it’s gone up online

suppose i was just trying to enter text and move one line down? now i should engage my mouse to simply move down?

isn’t that why this whole enter button changing lines thing was invented in the first place….so you wouldnt have to reposition your mouse?

and since the comment window is one line wide….where would i put the cursor anyhow?

is this because the english grades in the US have been piss poor and the prnts r up in arms abt all d txting?

is this in an effort to get people to type in complete sentences? not even sentences…paragraphs?


ok. imagine this.

two people are in the middle of some sort of spat, or, someone posts something on facebook and someone else takes offense.

so the offended party composes a comment to blaze up the person who has offended them. I mean a real dutty  stinking condescending response because them really hurt.

it starts with something like..:only a f*cking asshole like you would ever write this

now….on a sensible social network…the person would have time to reconsider posting this comment as they re-read it and prepare to hit the post button

but no

on the new facebook they will probably hit the enter button meaning to change lines so they can continue with :you are one abortion i would have agreed to

but instead of changing lines *poof* the thing post.

a notification has already been sent and whoever is monitoring their timeline will probably see it before you can take it down

and furthermore, even if you do, all the person has to do is go to their bulk mail folder and there will be your message, hot and fresh, like you never took it back in the first place

listen facebook

you are not making anything easier with all these asinine changes

i don’t know who your test group is, but i think its filled with people who do the Rubik’s cube for fun and greatly enjoy Soduko

for the rest of us who don’t think challenge is french for fun…stop messin with our sh*t


kiss me teeth


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