fb love passa passa….proof in the notes <–yes a me seh conspiracy theory

i enjoy the fact that in the new facebook , when you read somebody’s note, there is a little link directly above it where you can write a note of your own.

now, i don’t know if this is a part of facebook’s ongoing efforts to streamline itself to almost NASA like levels, while only succeeding at making itself as difficult as a space ship to a chimpazee to navigate

or perhaps it’s in case something in the note inspires you <–in which case  the appropriate thing to do is to comment under the note thereby giving the person some feed back and a shot in the arm to their flagging e-ego …u know that’s why we publish notes y’all

but in my mind it comes down to simple bad mind

Zuckerberg and the fine people at the book have realised that humans are competitive by nature and they want us to engage in little note-off

it would go like this

person 1 posts a love poem.

person 2 reads said love poem and decides that person 1 nuh more than them and cyana write like dem and dem goin show dem

person 2 stops n the middle of reading the poem

clicks the waiting link (which is kind of like a gun left in a house where a child with anger problems resides)

and launches off on an ‘even more epic’ spiel of their own

possibly adding some sex in the mean time

person 3…seeing what is taking place enters the ring from the blue corner

armed with pun and allegory alliteration and rhyme determined that neither of them shall shake them from their mount of facebook literary genius and so on and so forth….


in actuality it may be that they put the link there to make the cutting and pasting easier in the event that some more of those ’50 things you didn’t know about me’ FBI investigation quizzes should make the rounds again

but i am a firm believer in the power of bad mind and i believe my version is plausible

carry on

*returns to reading fb note*


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