gyms where fit people go to show off and fat people go to die

you may or may not know but this is actually my second blog (she says with the assumption that people even care about this blog)

my first blog is a kind of fitness blog, with many random asides, so may random asides that i thought you know what let’s just give ’em their own blog

anywhooo the first blog is at

i posted this yesterday, and i think it’s so relevant that it can transcend my fatty bum bum ranting and make it into the real world.

gyms…where fit people go to show off and fat people go to hide

have you ever checked out the human composition at a gym?
you have about 25% yoga mummies ie they don’t work and have a maid so they don’t clean the house, so they spend the day leisurely going from pilates to yoga with a little spinning in between
yoga pants and teeny tiny work out tops are the uniform
60% hard core gym buffs. These people seem to struggle with the concept of clothing daily and a sports bra or tank top and something resembling tights is their preferred ensemble
10% actual athletes …please see gym buffs for clothing
and 5% me. the fatties in the corner wearing the tshirt and the sweat pants. possibly multiple layers to cover the shame of excessive sweating and complete lack of fitness
and i wonder
i know there are many over weight people around
and i know many of them are looking to lose weight
i know the gym is where they hide the equipment that helps in losing weight
and yet
never the two shall meet
no unfit people in the gym
they barely break a sweat, they seem to glow.
and everybody there seems so familiar with the equipment that even if i turned up in a hot pink and black bike shorts/sports bra combo, they’d know i was an alien since i was the only one looking at the instructions for the machine or worse
asking an instructor.
its hilarious
unfit people (like me) work out at home
where we can huff and puff and blow in privacy
vowing that the day we can make it through a set of jumping jacks without soaking through our grey t shirts we will take our workout public and really get it in
i don’t suffer from that misconception
even when you can grate cheese on my stomach
and i can crush walnuts between my thighs
i will probably still be sweating it out at home
i would suggest that they make gym membership kinda like library membership
kiddy library
adult library

unfit person’s gym
person who’s getting there’s gym
unfit person’s gym

i’m not separatist or anything.
but i’m just sayin
seeing the fit people may be a sort of motivation
but first it makes you reaaally reaaaly depressed

*adjusts sweat pants and leaves*


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