RIP Nate Dogg…the original OG regulator


even as i wait for the video to load on youtube (its taking forever, i suspect because everyone in the world is listening to the song)

I can’t help but remember all the good times I had with Nate Dogg

there was always something about him, He wasn’t as flashy as the other people in the rap game, but he had the most melodious barritone voice and the uncanny ability to make even the most sporadic rap fooliniss sound like an actual song. Actually he may have been rapping and singing at the same time

I first met him back in the regulate days

and then he went away

(from me at least, I may have been caught up with the East coast rappers)

then he came back with Pharoahe Monch and  Mod Def with oh no

and i remembered…i love you Nate Dogg.

By far one of the finer artists to come outta the LBC, maybe it’s something in the west they have the melodious flow.

Much love goes out to Nate Dogg’s family and may he rest in peace. Apparently he’s been ailing for a while but it’s still a shock when you expect someone to be around and suddenly they just aren’t

Nate Dogg according to wikipedia


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