the new KIA Optima…2012 compliant, Kitt from Knight rider…please sit down


Da car company yah decide say dem a mek a las’ big sale before di 2012 ting kick een and people stop buy car and start spen dem money pon bottled water and tin goods and water crackers<–u know water crackers will withstand nuclear blast.

Dem also mek up dem mind say dem nah interfere wid dem money by offending anybody So if u feel a alien a come fi di world

See it deh

If yu feel say a mayan long count prophecy a come true, see di mayan dem deh a interrupt dem sacrifice fi admire di car

if yu feel say di world a go done by water, see neptune deh a play wid di car and a say how di headlights nice

Only ting dem nein account fah a di fire and brimstone

*insert shot of lava raining from sky and car owner leaning over to adjust air conditioning*

Di car can travel through time and it can fly

Unlike some a di computer dem weh we did a fret bout inna 1999

It is 2012 compliant.

Dat mean if di world end tomorrow, it morph inna nuclear shelter and u can eat di paint and drink di gas weh it process and tun inna water

Me tell yu enuh

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be tweeted

And the end of the world may come on a date unknown, but not before the advertising industry milks it

Welcome to 2011 boys

Don’t drink the water

oh wait, don’t figget, a James Bond car too and the car have a sense of justice because it pitch out the crooked police man weh tief it

Kitt from knight rider haffi go tek a back seat


3 Replies to “the new KIA Optima…2012 compliant, Kitt from Knight rider…please sit down”

  1. ah korian as kitt no way kitt is all american and schoud be at pontiac fire bird or a chevrolet Camaro

    my name Is Bert and no not from Bert And ernie greetings from Holland

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