oh….do i know you?

have you ever wondered how many friends you have to have in common with a person before it just becomes sensible to add them….if only so you can keep up with your 97 mutual friends via their page

i often wonder this

facebook keeps a running tally of the people i have in common with the various other people they belch up as potential friends on a daily basis

the assumption being, i presume, that since we know the same people we should know each other

this particular mind set on the part of the facebook staff completely disregards a few things

1) the fact that i know someone does not mean i want them running all up and through my business on facebook. ok? some of the stuff i may say or do is not for their eyes or ears, or at least they should have the inconvenience of peeping over someobody else’s shoulder at my page or listening to rumours to get to the info.

2)the same multiple mutual friends/close circle that could lead us to have a beautiful friendship, could have caused horrendous social drama between us. With that said I think facebook should institute a rule of three. If they have suggested a person to me thrice, and have suggested me to them as many times, and neither of us has seen fit to click the link, stop suggesting. there’s something there that even you “almighty facebook” have not managed to glean from spying on our inboxes and using computers and key words to check tone and content of our comments and wall to walls. just drop it.

3)cliques exist outside of mean girls. and some cliques…are HUGE. like 97 people worth of huge. for example the theatre geek clique. HUGE. i’m in it, i know, but a shared love of stage lights, loud make up and hardwood floors does not necessitate friendship. The quiet theatre people may not want to mix with the loud ones. The roots ones may not want to mix with the experimental ones. the whichever ones may not want to mix with the whatever ones. We all know people in common, but di whole a we a nuh fren <–this is just an example and in no way meant to imply bad blood toward any member of the theatre community.

so facebook. and you ubiquitous suggestions, perhaps you should take a page from your own book with the friend suggestions. ever two and a half weeks or so…change.


2 Replies to “oh….do i know you?”

  1. Raeeee Bap! Bap!! I soooo AGREEE!! LOL.. *waving and dancing overr here* Karla u are my herooo ,,, Ooops! no, make that heroin,… oieeeeyee!! Heroine!!! <<< A so it spell! {{{ SPELL CHECKKK}}}} LOL Tambareeeene! lol

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