similar to who? twitter wah yu know bout me?

Have you ever been browsing your twitter page and these people come up who twitter is suggesting are similar to you?

What does that  mean
What exactly are the criteria for this similar to you feature?
Because so far all I see are my friends
Is it based on how many tweets involve the terms ‘hate’ or ‘due to how’ or *dead*
Or anybody with a piercing glinting in the picture?
Now I’ve started writing this its really getting me riled up
And why are we similar
Is it University graduates <<—but you don’t know I’ve graduated

and how come you’ve never suggested any caucasians <–twitter racist

and how come Lloyd’s friend once had Lil Kim pop up <–Kim is similar to no one, if anything she would be similar to her own wax painting at madame tussaud’s

or perhaps a Kardashian

and now that I have clicked view all…Twitter yu blinkin bright, me nuh have nuttn in common with some of those people

you are out of order

Twitter…..what you know bout me? Wah yu know bout me life?!

But see yah!


3 Replies to “similar to who? twitter wah yu know bout me?”

  1. *DEADDIN!!* Teck Twitta to cyber-court! LOL Sueee dem! <<< Best Kapletan vice! (Plse feel free to delete dat previous comment Miss Carla, it was made unda di pple dem organ blog profile! Sigh & DWL)

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