things that piss me off…..abuse of the term ‘ghetto people’

It pisses me off

The over use of the term ‘ghetto people’
Especially with the self righteous inflection that implies that all ‘ghetto people’ are one and the same, and set upon by society
I am particularly over the use of the term with regards to Ragashanti
‘Dem nuh like Ragga because him stand up fi ghetto people’
‘Dem nuh like Ragga because him a ghetto yute’
‘A tru uptown people nuh like hear wah ghetto people a deal wid inna dem life, dem fight gainst’

There is a difference between being from the ghetto and being cayliss

There are cayliss people downtown, uptown, mid town, country and i would suspect a few in outer space, they don’t have one location.

And nobody cares if ‘the same uptown people weh a fight out di ghetto people dem story when dem go home a night time a di same ting dem a do’
Nobody said you didn’t have the right to live your life the way you want
All we want is to be free from listening to it on public radio
Regardless of the origins of the show’s audience, certain things just nuh need fi broadcast weh pickney and old people and a myriad other people who should not hear it or don’t want to hear it, have to hear it.
There are mothers out there who don’t have the sense to know their six year old doesn’t need to hear about swping ad bun with respect and daggerin’ backa ackee tree. Regardless of whether the child is from Barican or Tivoli. And sincethe radios are blasting and the children are around, let’s not have them blast the things the kids don’t need to hear

Furthermore, oh ye defenders of the ghetto, what has Dr Stewart done for you lately? Aside from exploiting you for entertainment purposes. Aside from putting all of your business on front page so the nation can laugh at how ‘silly’ you are or shake their head and marvel at how ‘trifling’ your life seems
What has he done?
Has he sponsored any basic schools?
Started a mentoring programme for any of the ‘ghetto youths’?
Has he gone to any community centres and done any programmes to help the women who we hear stories about, with the man ill treating them. After laughing at the woman does he do anything to give her a different life?
Not really.
if he has, maybe he’s like beyonce with the gaddafi money, and done a silent philanthropic deed, but i’d like to see some proof.

So, in that way, is he really ‘of the ghetto’
I mean I know he started out there, we’ve all heard the stories, and its admirable that he had what some consider a difficult start and still acquired a PhD etc
But is he really still a ‘ghetto person’ <—since this is seemingly a separate type of person from an ordinary jamaican
Or is he just a person who is capitalizing on his links to the ghetto to further his own career?
Kind of like an anthropologist…who gets into a community because the people are comfortable with him. But then turns around and exposes all of the community’s private matters in a tell all book
I’m just saying
Since he’s so proud of his ghetto roots, why doesn’t the ghetto boy attend the interviews when he gets into hot water?
No, instead he does these intervies that are chock full of cultural studies jargon and polysyllabic words. I’m not even sure the interviewers understand what he’s saying, the language is that academic.
Where is the ghetto yout’ then? Where is the ghetto talk and street slang? And furthermore, would your ‘ghetto people’ even understand what you’re saying?
Moreover, if someone who came on Ragga’s show, got into trouble for what they said, or was reprimanded for their behaviour, would they have the same vocabulary with which to defend themselves? And has he, even in his spare time, done anything to help them get closer to his level, so if something like that does happen to to a ‘ghetto person’, he/she can? Or has he simply ignored the reality of life in the ghetto and bought into this ghetto fabulous ideal where everything is fun and games and hustling? No matter how you put it, scrounging for food for your kids is not fun, regardless of how many barrels you hid in awaiting sex last night
If the ghetto is so great Dr. Stewart, why did you struggle to make your way out?

I understand, the time has passed for stigmatising the ghetto, and there should be no shame associated with being from the ghetto. But, we seem to have over shot the mark in removing stigma and idealised the ghetto into being  a fun culture filled environment where only good things happen <—aside from possibly Canada, no such place exists. Mostly this is being purported by DJs who now live uptown and pay visits to collect homage in rimmed out range rovers and ex residents cum big shots who want to maintain street credibility.

All I’m saying is some amount of responsibility and objectivity and honesty with self is needed here. What the people of the ghetto need is opportunities. Being from the ghetto is not a curse, but its not an easy life. And everybody deserves a fighting chance at an easier life, and a few breaks….which rarely come to the ghetto
What they don’t need is a public arena to harp on their less attractive deeds

They don’t need another hero, especially when that hero has forgotten his mandate to look back for/help those he left behind in some meaningful way, but has chosen instead to put up a sound system, leave them where they are, and broadcast live the very things he fought to get away from.


*i am aware that not being a  product of the ‘ghetto’ some may feel i have no right to speak, but i’m over this uptown/downtown separation. I’m from the country where there are people with money and people without money. simple. given to the same failings and graces. i’m tired of acting like ‘the ghetto’ is an island on to itself and only those from the island dare speak about it. Every passport says Jamaican, and me done talk.


8 Replies to “things that piss me off…..abuse of the term ‘ghetto people’”

  1. I feel you need if write this to the gleaner my dear… I think is a view that should be made public… just a likkle letter to the editor. *jus mek sure him nuh really sponsor a basic school or such cause i feel he just may have hehe*

    1. dats why me seh
      if him dweet
      more power
      but i’m gonna need receipts.
      and it doesnt take away from the basic point that he’s exploiting them for entertainment and not paying much mind to whats good for the development of young people and morals in the country.
      you wanna talk filth
      do so in a private forum
      or at least after 10pm

  2. {{{{{ TAMBAREEEENNNEEE!!!}}}}}} Solid arguments Ms Moore! Sen it to di Gleana fi chuu! What are u waiting for!? And put unda di letta the link and or name to u blog and tell fi
    ‘general publik’ fi hit u blog spot for more of this nononsense truth.

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