things that piss me off – youtube scammers


You know the ones, they have some kind of recording equipment in their basement, a mic in the downstairs bathroom

a passing knowledge of some video editing software

and a voice the world NEEDS to hear

but since you don’t know how great they are, you have to be conned into listening <–but they assure you its all for the greater good, once you hear the rhymes they have to lay down, or realise their voice is a dead ringer for luther vandross *side eye* you’ll forgive them interrupting your online jam session and instantly subscribe and become a fan.

Kinda like this man right here that i encountered today. You can call him inspiration. kiss me teeth

I know he was up front about it being a review but what is it about youtube that makes people feel their videos need to look like the inside of a lava lamp

but i digress…..

*dutty face*

their main tactic is mislabeling their youtube videos claiming its the official version of some song thats huge at the moment

they’ll even go so far as to put an image from the artist’s video as the screen shot for their video.

it’s of Shameless proportions how far  they’ll go

so there you are, chilling, singing about your video phone, thinking maybe you’ll feel like being a diva when BAM!!!

mRsinGsoGood69 is on your screen either offering up some unwanted review of the song or doing his own cover or worse….singing a song that’s completely unrelated comeplete with Wanya from BoyzIIMen raw emotion and head shaking from side to side

while his baby cousin plays wii in the background.


me done wid unnu

if you waan people watch you video post it and publicise it through yu frens

ohhhh, and let;s not forget the ones who will actually play about 15 seconds of the actual video, let you get comfortable and start singing along  and THEN jump in.

if me ever add one a unnu to me play list by accident yu see.

me a flood and shut down yu page by posting this 17 million times

and me done talk

2 Replies to “things that piss me off – youtube scammers”

  1. LOL! U tell dem Carlaaa!! I so agree! Dem shameless man! scrisee! But I guess thats when u can flag the video and hop the FB pple will interrupt their 24 hour coffee break or take a break from scratching they azzes and remove the damn thing!! KMDT.. we need an online BCJ fi uuucrubbe! I guess the govament was hoping that dem coulda use it ketch potential 911-ers?? well dem need fi gwaan ova deh go see the future terrorists dem in the loose wid all kind of identifying characteristics on display pon live webcam and leave us law abiding folks on FB ALONE! KMFT!

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