a strange thing happened in the bank today (loyal to the LIME)

I came across a die hard LIME customer
Ever since Digicel came in, red flag waving, and saved us from the tyranny of being charged for incoming calls, people who STAN for LIME have been as plentiful as Trinidadian volunteers in a major disaster
And so far in between
And here I was witnessing one in the flesh
Apparently one of the many digicel touts aka customer care agents, high off the monthly allotment of free credit, was attempting to lure the man over to bigger and better things.
Alluding to credit that lasts forever
International calling for the price of texts
And the new found power of the number 5
And yet
The man was not having it
According to MR LIME
Only teenagers talk to any one person for longer than 3 minutes
And he was fully grown
He wasn’t impressed by the international calling rates and though the places you could call limited
And contrary to what everybody else seemed to believe a chat for chat comparison revealed that the talk time was comparable
Worse, lime gave you free calling for 24hrs, Digicel have anything like that?

Needless to say, after resting on the laurels of international dominance for so long, the Digicel man had grown rusty in his ability to actually sell a product
He retreated behind repeated murmurings of its bigger and better man
As Mr LIME whipped out his phone and proceeded to make the free phone call he had earned by chatting off a mere $200 worth of call credit

Poor poor digiman
With only his nifty dance routines and fancy jingles to comfort him
Perhaps they should all return to basic training and be reminded what selling means
But I had to laugh
Sometimes a likkle suffering does a body good


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