so, facebook group chat now…..

Where do I begin.
So apparently now adding someone to a group is as easy as 1
One single degge degge click
They don’t need to confirm
You don’t have to invite them
Jus touch a button and *poof* this poor unsuspecting person is now prey to a million notifications (until they expend the energy to change the settings)
Related to some subject/item/event/cause he or she may or may not give a rat’s ass about
Even more awesome than that, they can benefit from the most wonderful invention ever…group chat.

Imagine it if you will, 50 people, 90% of whom may only know each other in passing, engaged in a conversation simultaneously.
Yes, I know
Why would facebook think this makes sense.
buts lets journey on

Since the one person everybody will know is the moderator its really all directed at them.
But with delightful cross chatter as each person types a sentence and waits for that one person to respond.

Or, sometimes, if you’re lucky, it will turn into a long conversation full of the phrases ‘tun up’ and ‘a me fi tell yu’ and ‘due to how’ and ‘maaaaaadd’ with no actual substance but rather just an opportunity to keep typing and watch the pretty little windows ย popping up.

But by far the bess thing about group chat is its ability to circumnavigate your chat settings and attack you even in offline mode.
Even when I’ve gone so far as turning off all of my chat groups <—yes I have several, its not judgment, its management
Here come the chat groups. All day long
All message long. Pop pop popping up all over the damn place
With the same person answering the same over and over again
Dear people engaging in group chat. The question you are asking has been answered on the flyer that is the group’s profile pic or in the group info section.
It has
no look again
See the price there
AND the location
And the start time
See it right there
So once again the onus <—big word
Is on me to turn off yet another thing to make using my facebook easier


Facebook. Let’s try this another way. Instead of assuming that we do, let’s assume we don’t want whichever new feature you’re foisting upon us

since you worked so hard on it and you wanna introduce it to us, perhaps give us like a one week run, and then we decide if we wanna go get it or not

instead of deciding we do want a million changes and then forcing us to dig through the ever evolving settings to turn them off





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